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I am in my eighth year of teaching kindergarten at Crossroads Charter Academy. I received my Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Central Michigan University, majoring in Child Development and minoring in mathematics and reading. I earned my Master's Degree from Ferris State University in Curriculum & Instruction. I love to read, cook, and spend time with family and friends. Teaching is an amazing job in that I get to grow and learn along with my students. I feel honored to be part of such a wonderful team (family really) of educators working to create enriching, meaningful learning experiences for their students. I could't imagine myself doing anything else!
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Schoolwide CHAMPs Expectations

At Crossroads Charter Academy Elementary, students work and play within a structure of expectations in order to be the best they can be. This structure is called CHAMPs. CHAMPs is a set of guidelines that specifically teaches students what is expected of them in all situations. The CHAMPs acronym stands for: (C) Conversation - How do students communicate during the activity? (H) Help - How can students get questions answered during the activity? (A) Activity - What is the task/objective of the activity? (M) Movement - How do students move about during the activity? (P) Participation - What does appropriate student behavior for the activity look like or sound like? The staff at Crossroads Elementary has developed CHAMPs expectations for all common areas around the building such as hallway, playground, bathroom, etc. Each classroom has a specific set of CHAMPs expectations for how to function within the classroom.


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