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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Good Morning Songs

These are the songs we use to begin our day. The kids should be able to help you with the tune of the songs! : )

Good Morning

(We sing this song from September to December.)

Good morning to you.
And how do you do?
We're all in our places
With bright smiling faces.
And this is the way
We start a new day.
Good morning, good morning to you!

Good Morning Rap

(We sing this song from January to spring break.)

Hi! Hi! Hi!
Hello! Hello!
What a great day
For school, you know!

Hi! Hi! Hi!
Hello! Hello!
Time to get started.
Let's go, go, go!

Good Morning Boogie

(We sing this song from after spring break until the end of the school year.)

Hello Neighbor, what do you say?
(Children shake hands)
It's going to be a wonderful day.
(Children clap hands together)
So greet your neighbor,
(Children give each other high fives)
And boogie on down.
(Children wiggle their hips)
Give 'em a bump,
(Children bump their hips together)
and then sit down.
(Children sit down)

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